Project Consulting Services

Our Project Consulting Services focus on supporting our clients with challenges in three key areas of concern:

  • Limited or lack of resources to manage workload of projects.
  • Gaps in knowledge or experience of Junior Project Manager that require hands-on support and coaching.
  • Team performance improvement through proven Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation practices.

For project support, training, and coaching engagements, our approach is hands-on, working side-by-side with the project manager and their team. We customize the interaction on per case basis and according to client needs and requirements.

Project Creation

We work with you in a consulting capacity to develop and determine viability of your project, RFP creation and vendor selection, and readiness for project kick-off after the project is approved by your executives.

Project Management

We can take on short-term and long-term project engagements with emphasis on fostering team collaboration, effective communication internally and externally, as well as vendor and contractor management.

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Junior Project Manager Coaching & Mentoring

We work on a daily basis with your Project Manager(s) to enhance their project management competency, leadership skills, and key soft skills crucial to becoming high performers. These engagements are customized to your needs and requirements.

Collaboration & Communication Training & Coaching

Empower your staff and project teams to enhance their performance and value to your organization. These are 6 - 8 weeks engagements that bring you transformative frameworks and practices that will boost productivity in your organization.

Our Promise

All our engagements begin with clearly defined outcomes that we track and deliver on as promised.

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