Learn Online at your Own Pace

Our DIY online courses are designed for the busy professional who wants to learn and embody the Ukemi Way for effective leadership right away and at your own pace.

All materials are provided in a single, on-demand package, with guidance on how to move from learning to practice. All you need is time and discipline.

Intentional Communication for the Agile Project Manager

Intentional communication is communication for action. This course outlines the framework to help you design powerful conversations for action and influence. If you are a technology development manager, Agile Project Manager, or SCRUM master, this course will provide you with linguistic tools to boost your performance and that of your team.


Collaboration Excellence Model for the Effective Facilitator

The Ukemi Way Collaboration Model is a framework that helps practitioners design effective team collaboration.

This course is designed for the organization, or team leader who wants to develop the strong presence required to facilitate and promote collaboration in tough circumstances, challenging meetings, and resistance to change.