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At Ukemi Way our vision is to transform the way people think, work, and interact to enable them to perform at their highest potential in an increasingly complex business and social environment. We do this by bringing uncommon knowledge, leading-edge practices, and direct access to a world-class network of professionals that are top performers in their field.

We believe that success in the 21st century belongs to individuals and organizations that tap into under-utilized human qualities that no machine or algorithm can replicate. Agility, Adaptability, and a keen ability to correct course without losing momentum or focus, are all essential in an uncertain future ripe for greater possibilities.

Christian Stambouli

Christian Stambouli has spent over twenty five years leading Digital Transformation projects and providing Management Consulting services nationally and internationally. He holds a Master degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, and is formally trained in the areas of Leadership Development and Ontological Coaching. His track record of project success is due to a focus on the people side and a conviction that the human factor always trumps methodologies and technology. In addition to his continuing Management Consulting work, he is focused on teaching actionable principles and practices of communication and collaboration as crucial elements of success in Digital Transformation initiatives.

Working with a variety of organizations over the years, I noticed a common pattern that caused failure in Digital Transformation initiatives: the people side of the equation is addressed lightly, taken for granted, or just ignored.

Run-of-the-mill trainings and updated standard procedures are not enough to shift people's behaviors and work practices in a Digital Transformation environment. For such a major shift, engagement through adaptation practices, is more effective.

At Ukemi Way we focus on what we call the 3C's: Intentional Communication, Synergetic Collaboration, and Strategic Cooperation. Our courses, mastermind groups, and "Collaboration Excellence" intensive are geared towards helping people embody these practices in a way that, bold, highly effective leadership becomes second nature.

This is essential to modifying the unquestioning mindset and automatic behavior, consequently boosting performance of individuals and members of a team.

Optimal performance is crucial in the current and future business environment. Mediocrity is no longer an option.

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