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At Ukemi Way our vision is to transform the way people think, work, and interact to enable them to perform at their highest potential in an increasingly complex business and social environment. We do this by bringing uncommon knowledge, leading-edge practices, and direct access to a world-class network of professionals that are top performers in their field.

We believe that success in this 21st century belongs to those individuals and organizations that tap into still under-utilized human qualities that no machine or algorithm can replicate. In a world that is increasingly dominated by digital technologies and AI, a new kind of human must emerge. One that transcends the old paradigms and outdated practices of the industrial age. One that learns to master untapped aspects of their human potential and leads boldly into an uncertain future that is ripe for greater possibilities.

Christian Stambouli

Founder of Ukemi Way, Christian has over 25 years leading teams on technology projects and digital transformation initiatives in world-class organizations. He has provided project management and management consulting services in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. He Holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and has trained in, and practiced, ontological coaching and philosophy since 2005.

One of the most challenging aspects of automation and Digital Transformation projects is not technology complexity, but people complexity.

Working with a variety of organizations over the years, I witnessed a common pattern. Changes in the technology and its adoption always move faster than people can adapt, not because they are unable, but because they are not helped to do so. Digital Transformation initiatives that do not take the people side into account are at great risk of failing.

I came to the conclusion that our increasingly technological future doesn't require yet more technology, but people and a workforce that know how to learn, adapt and lead throughout the digital transformation process, as well as shift their practices and way of being to prosper in the new reality they have helped create.

The Ukemi Way is an approach that Integrates my engineering background, management experience, and knowledge of ontological philosophy to provide transformative practices and unique frameworks to lead effectively into a future that requires actions and skills beyond our current traditional practices.

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