"Project managers require more than just the technical competencies of PM processes, methods and tools. They need to be competent in the area of leadership, in business matters and strategic direction setting. They are responsible for client relations, the sustainable outcomes of their project, and the collaboration between all partners involved."

Reinhard Wagner, PM Consultancy

Augment your Project Fulfillment Performance with the COBA Model

Digital Transformation in organizations and the marketplace is shaping the future of the way we work and organize. Project Management as a discipline will require a shift from following processes and methodology to Leadership and effective Collaboration Skills as the core modus operandi.

The COBA model is a framework of Project Leadership. It is available in three distinct offerings: Self-paced learning DIY approach, Mentoring Mastermind Groups, and as a coaching engagement with an organization (that includes the first two delivery methods).

COBA Model Offers

Learn the Fundamentals in a Self-Paced DIY Module

This module shows you how to integrate the COBA practices to augment your Project Management competencies. An instruction video and worksheets provide you with a starting point to adopt the COBA model in your work.

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MasterMind Group & Mentorship

By joining a small Mastermind group you have access to live instruction and learning through group discussion, as well as live mentoring to help you resolve real work challenges and improve your performance in real-time.

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Introduce COBA to your Organization

We customize a program to help your workforce integrate the COBA practices in everyday work situations. We do this by first listening to your concerns and identifying focus areas to improve performance using the COBA model.

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Employees can access all of their necessary forms through the software, handing them control over their own work and compensation.

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